OPRC is now closed.
Thank you to everyone--all the volunteers, facilitators, donors, mentors, peers, family members and partner agencies--who supported this wonderful endeavor.  Since starting OPRC in the Fall of 2012, we have facilitated 20 mental health education programs and provided peer support to more than 260 adults, all on shoestring budgets!  Alas, we have all become increasingly busy with new careers, school and family, leaving little time for the amount of work the organization requires and deserves.  Some of us will continue to facilitate and provide peer support when we can.  The Trauma Support Group continues to operate. For more info and next meeting dates, please visit http://traumasupport.webs.com/ .  Thank you, and remember: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Laozi

Our Mission 

The Ottawa Peer Recovery Centre (OPRC) is a non-profit peer mental health organization founded on the belief that recovery is possible.  We are dedicated to providing wellness recovery education and peer support by and for people who's lives have been affected by mental health issues or trauma, and for their adult family members. 

What we do

We respect and explore all ways to wellness. Whether it’s medication or meditation, we work together to find, combine and practice the things that help us heal and live lives of choice. We do this by offering education programs and peer support services that aid people on their healing journeys and by educating the public about peer mental health recovery.  Our focus is on self-learning primarily through structured, evidence-based programs and groups that support people in achieving and maintaining their own wellness.   

Our values

  • We value diversity and the rights of all individuals to mutual respect.
  • We believe self-determination and self-care are foundational to recovery and in the right to live with dignity.
  • Sharing mutual support, experiential knowledge and skills provides a vital sense of belonging and supportive relationships that heal and uplift.
  • We believe in the power of engaging in meaningful opportunities for self-development and life-long learning.
  • Our organization practices ethical governance at all levels working in support of our mission.

Our belief is that people have the best chance of regaining and maintaining their own wellness when they have access to a variety of approaches, meaningful experiences and supports that meet their unique needs. Recovery education and peer support are an integral part of that offering because they create opportunities for hope, self-learning and human connections vital to the healing and growth process.